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It is hard for many of us to speak up when we have our doubts about a treatment. Doctors are highly trained medical professionals, after all, and many of them do not enjoy being second guessed by patients. Sadly, our trust in the expertise of medical workers is sometimes misplaced. Studies have estimated that as many as 98,000 hospitalized patients are killed by negligent medical decisions every year.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one to a negligent healthcare worker, Phoenix improper treatment lawyers Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.L.C., can provide the legal advice and representation you need. Call our offices at 602-266-5557 to schedule a consultation today.

Tips for Avoiding Improper Treatment

Being diagnosed with a serious condition is a very frightening experience. It can be very tempting to let your doctors take over the problem, or follow any advice that may supposedly help. However, it is shockingly easy for medical staff to make an error over the course of your treatment.

Our Phoenix improper treatment attorneys are ready to help any victims of medical errors win the compensation they need. However, we are also committed to helping reduce the chances that medical errors will occur in the first place. For your own safety, please consider the following tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. Your doctor may or may not welcome questions, but you have every right to ask them.
  • Educate yourself. Learn about your diagnosis, common symptoms and treatments, and the odds that your doctor’s preferred treatment will work.
  • Be fully honest with your doctor. If he or she is unaware of medicines you are taking or your other health problems, he or she could accidentally prescribe a dangerous treatment for you.

Of course, this does not mean that your health in entirely in your hands. No matter how you have behaved, there is no excuse for a doctor who fails to meet the professional standards of the medical field.

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To learn more about compensatory damages for medical errors, contact the experienced Phoenix improper treatment lawyer Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.L.C. We can be reached by email or by calling 602-266-5557.

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