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Air traffic controllers are in charge of monitoring airplanes’ positions and guiding their pilots through takeoff and landing. It is a difficult but highly important job. Mistakes made by air traffic controllers have caused major accidents before, including collisions and crashes.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in an accident caused by negligent air traffic controllers, you can take legal action against those responsible for your suffering. A qualified Phoenix air traffic controller error attorney from Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.L.C. will work with you to construct and present a solid legal argument. Call our offices at 800-763-0964.

Examples of Air Traffic Controller Errors

Because air traffic control is such a complex job, there are many different errors – ranging from deliberate recklessness to momentary distractions – that workers in this field can commit. Sadly, the punishment rarely fits the crime, especially for innocent passengers. A Phoenix air traffic controller error lawyer can help if you have been affected by mistakes like:

  • Failure to closely monitor screens and instruments
  • Providing pilots with inaccurate information
  • Directing planes too close to each other or large objects (buildings, mountains, etc)
  • Failure to respond to an emergency adequately
  • Inadequately checking circumstances before giving permission for liftoff, landing, etc

There are many different factors that can contribute to air traffic controller error: understaffed offices, long hours, high levels of stress, and so on. While these are important issues that should be addressed, they are never excuses for accidents that cause plane crashes.

Any airline worker who fails to perform his or her job correctly should face legal consequences – for the sake of accident victims and future passengers alike.

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Phoenix air traffic controller error attorneys Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.L.C. have years of experience winning compensation for accident victims. To begin working on your legal case today, contact us at 800-763-0964.

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