Good Samaritan Laws

Have you ever been hesitant to help someone in need because you were worried that you might injure him or her? If you have, you are not alone. Many people do not immediately respond to accidents or other instances of individuals in need because they do not have a medical background, or if they do have a medical background, they are concerned about being held liable if something goes wrong.

After a few high profile cases involving individuals acting in good faith to help others but later being sued for personal injury or malpractice, more and more people became worried about helping others. Because of these lawsuits, when there was a person in need of dire help, many people chose to stand on the sidelines and watch instead of taking the risk of being sued. Lawmakers responded to this issue by passing a series of Good Samaritan laws. These laws or acts protect from liability those who, in good faith, choose to aid others who are injured or ill.

Who Is Protected Under the Good Samaritan Laws?

Good Samaritan laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is a good idea to find out about the specific components of these laws in your particular jurisdiction. For the most part, they protect any layperson. They only protect medical workers who are responding in a volunteer capacity and not if they are on the job.

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